Scorp Land


This Is How All begins

Start as normal person from a race, who aims to be the king. Form / break Alliances gain the trust of people, gather artifacts from all four races to combine them into a single kingdom.

The Story and Game Play:

Kingdom Z consists of four races(Humans,Elf,Nords and Zoan)

Each Race has their own Specialty. Each Race has their own ancestral artifacts and treasures that make them unique from which they extract their strength and knowledge of their skills. This is what makes them stand out from other Kingdoms. Making them the undefeated and most powerful of all.

Humans are superior Skills in strategy, wisdom and Ideas.
Elf’s are skilled traders, accountants and Business people.
Nords are Agriculturists, Livestock herders and Butchers.
Zoans are Warriors, Skilled fighters and Loyal Guards men.

All the four Races have their own territory and have their own set of Rules and Customs

The Great Kingdom Z was ruled by King XYZ who was fair and loved by all four races. The kingdom prospered and he took the kingdom to great heights.

This didn’t go well with the neighboring kingdoms; they formed an alliance to defeat him with force and failed miserably on multiple attempts. Which made them even more furious at the same time helpless? One day the alliance of kings where presented by a dark magician named Serpent who plotted a idea to cast spell on King XYZ. The alliance approved it and helped Serpent to work his spell.

The evil cast his spell and King XYZ came in the control of the alliance. Which led to them taking the Kingdom under their control?

Henceforth the kingdom started their miserable journey lot of civil war, injustices socio economic inequalities led to theft, murder blasphemy etc.

Since the beginning of times the Races where forbidden from mating/Marrying with other races. As they wanted to pass the wisdom within their race and maintain their bloodline. This had both advantages and disadvantages. Because of interbreeding for centuries the races started to become weak and less resilient.
Our hero is born as forbidden child as he is a offspring of a rich Girl from Humans and foot soldier from Zoan Race. This leads to him being abandon / Orphaned at a very young Age. The name of our Hero is Scorpio. He grew up on the streets of Kingdom Z learning everything from trading, Art , Craft, superior combat skills etc. Right from the young age he aims higher.

He intends to capture the throne of his Kingdom by forming a small group of elite soldiers similar to him who are offspring’s of inter-racial parents.